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Marketing Automation User Group 2017

21 - 22   September / Krakow / Food & People

Join us at the Annual SALESmanago Customer Meeting

We cordially invite all our customers to attend the annual meeting, where we would like to share with you the key insights into our company and product. But above all, we want to hear your thoughts on how we can work together to make our product and organization better.

Grzegorz Błażewicz (CEO & Founder)


10:00 10:30

Let's have a closer look at our company - SALESmanago 2017 & 2018

Grzegorz Błażewicz (CEO & Founder)

  • SALESmanago in the context of MarTech industry

  • The strategy and the nearest plans for the business development

  • The vision we have for the SALESmanago product

10:30 11:00

We have made a lot of progress in the development of our product and we are not going to stop - Roadmap 2017/2018

Piotr Uryga (IT Director)

  • An insider’s look at the tech development in SALESmanago

  • Product improvement - plans for 2017 and development goals for 2018

11:00 11:10

Coffee break

11:10 11:40

Product Quality, SLA - what we do to make sure we deliver quality of product and services

Katarzyna Rejdych (User Experience Director)

  • Service availability metrics - the essential data and analyses

  • How we engage customers in our product development process

11:40 12:10

Leave your comfort zone and go beyond what almost everyone does in marketing automation — New features in SALESmanago

Aleksander Skałka (Marketing Automation Strategy Director)

  • An overview of new features and the opportunities they bring

  • AI recommendations and machine learning in marketing automation

  • Dynamic remarketing in display ad networks

12:10 13:00

Lunch break

13:00 13:30

How they did it to deliver results - SALESmanago Case Studies

Anastasia Chaykina (Customer Education & Trainings Manager)

  • Presentation: 5 success stories of our best-performing clients - real business results achieved with SALESmanago

13:30 14:00

20 actionable growth hacks you may easily set up in the SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform to achieve outstanding results

Hubert Olszowski (Marketing Automation Project Manager)

  • Which solutions yield best results and in which situation

  • Tips & Tricks - how to increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities

14:00 14:30

Customer support - changes in onboarding, customer activation - how we strive for success

Katarzyna Mika (Customer Success Director)

  • Customer activation and support 101 - what you can expect us to do

  • An introduction to the SALESmanago e-learning platform and the available training courses

14:30 16:30

Workshops and group discussions - we collect feedback from our clients!

Meet our speakers and other key employees, exchange opinions and give us feedback - let’s improve the product together!

  • General business and operational topics - Grzegorz Błażewicz

  • Roadmap and the new features to be implemented - Piotr Uryga

  • Customer support and onboarding - Katarzyna Mika

  • System improvement - Katarzyna Rejdych

10:00 11:50

How to unleash the full potential of MSALESmanago

Anastasia Chaykina (Customer Education & Trainings Manager)

  • Perfect Marketing Automation: eCommerce and B2B strategies that work

11:50 12:00

Coffee break

Success stories worth sharing (part 1 - eCommerce)

12:00 12:30

Proretoque case study

Pablo Cañada, ProReotoque

  • What does the IT have in common with Sales? Learn what possibilities the proper API integration gives you in your MA campaign

12:30 13:00

Gocco.es case study

Francisco Lobo and Mar Ojeda, Emred.com

  • Funny, Useful, Convenient. Knock Out Lazy Days. Meet A Real Killer Experience To Increase Net Gains. One Fantastic Foundation.

13:00 14:00

Lunch break

Success stories worth sharing (part 2 - B2B)

14:00 14:30

GlobalNation case study

João Patrício, GlobalNation

  • The Lead Nurturing matters. Find out how the simple campaign - activated in a proper way and at the best time - may increase your conversions in 830,40%

14:30 15:00

7Hype case study

Giulia Verzeletti, 7Hype

  • We have been with SALESmanago for 5 years. Learn how we manage the data: contacts coming from the different sources, complex scoring system, alert notifications, sales funnel segmentation

Let's take a break and visit the capital of Marketing Automation together!

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